RIVAR is an electronic journal, edited by the Institute for Advanced Studies (IDEA) of the University of Santiago of Chile. It is characterized by its multidisciplinary nature, based on the intersection between Agricultural Sciences and Social Sciences and Humanities. It publishes articles and book reviews on agro-food heritage, Localized Food Systems (SIAL), viticulture and winemaking, agriculture, agro-industry, gastronomy, food cultures, rural and agro-industrial landscapes. Food production and transportation, packaging, distribution, marketing, and consumption are also considered. The journal is also interested in artistic and cultural representations of food, including festivals and celebrations.

This publication is grounded on the tradition of the Ibero-American Seminar held for the first time at the University of Talca (Chile) in 1997, which, as of 2004, was oriented towards the field of Vine and Wine, and continued with successive editions organized by the National University of Cuyo (Argentina), the Ibero-American University of Torreón (Mexico), the National University of San Juan (Argentina), the University of Santiago (Chile), the Autonomous University of Madrid and the CSIC (Spain). It also acknowledges as a foundation the First International Conference on Cultural Heritage of the vine and wine (Badajoz, Spain, from February 8 to 11, 2011).

RIVAR has a quarterly frequency (January, May, and September of each year).

This journal preferably publishes original research articles. It may also publish documents and source analysis, and book reviews.

All published materials are evaluated anonymously by two specialists in the discipline (double-blind peer review).

The texts are preferably published in Spanish. Works in Portuguese, English and French are also considered.

A title, abstract, keywords, titles of tables and figures, and institutional affiliation of the author in English must also be in all articles.

Articles length should not exceed 8,000 words and reviews 1,500. At least 30 articles are published per year.

External contributions and from different places are essential features of this journal. Works by researchers from all ov er the world are included. Each year, at least 80% of the articles are written by collaborators external to the publishing institution (IDEA-USACH) and the Editorial Board.

RIVAR is an open access journal. It does not charge its readers to access its full content. Nor does it charge authors fees or payments for publication costs. RIVAR is funded by the University of Santiago of Chile.

All contents published in RIVAR are backed up in the ALMA repository of the Central Library of the University of Santiago of Chile.

Regarding the access of the content in the event the journal is no longer published, the University will develop a secondary OJS Platform to ensure the access for readers.

Edited by the Institute for Advanced Studies of the University of Santiago de Chile.
Adress: Román Díaz 89, Providencia, Santiago de Chile.
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