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RIVAR Journal adheres to the Berlin Declaration, the Budapest Statement, and Bethesda Initiative on Open Access, also joining all official and civil society efforts on Open Data.

By this definition, the authors who participate in the evaluation and publishing processes of the journal issues, subject their moral and economical attributions and rights to the recognition conditions provided for both by the aforementioned statements on OA, as well as those considered in the Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license 4.0 specified. This agreement is expressly established through the respective formal document that the authors must sign and send along with their articles (See Instructions for Authors).

Creative Commons license: RIVAR Journal is published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International license.

The authors consent free access to their works, allowing readers to copy, distribute and transmit them by various means, guaranteeing a wide dissemination of published scientific knowledge. Every time a work published in RIVAR Journal is distributed or transmitted by various media, the authors and the journal retain the attribution rights (authorship and license). Any derivation from this work must cite the source, in addition, when shared it must be under the same terms. Non-profit commercial rights are allowed on its contents. 


Funding: RIVAR Journal is fully funded by the Institute of Advanced Studies (IDEA) of the University of Santiago, Chile (USACH); therefore, it does not charge rates of any kind to its authors and collaborators, nor does it generate any kind of payments or remuneration to them. 

Publishing charges: RIVAR Journal does not charge any type of fee to its readers, such as: subscription payment; requests for donations, etc.

Electronic backup: All articles and texts published in RIVAR have electronic backup. ALMA repository, administrated by the Central Library of the University of Santiago, Chile, hosts the electronic backup. Should the journal cease to be published, the University has assumed the commitment to install a secondary OJS Platform, with read-only access.

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Licencia Creative Commons
RIVAR is distributed underCreative Commons Atribution 4.0 Internacional licence